How to enable data inserted into a row which some columns have a formula

Hi, I am making an application that can collect rating from user and I want to automate some columns that can total all marks and give out percentage of the rating in excel but the data inserted from user will instead go into a new row instead of inserting into the row that have formula.

Does anyone know how I can achieve in automating the calculation of the ratings?

Glide will not populate row even if they appear empty, but already have a formula in them. You should be moving your logic into Glide.


Thanks for the reply! This would definitely work if my max rating is 5 but my client would like the max to be 7 hence my confusion. I solved the problem just now by extracting all the value of the rating using importrange formula in excel and do the calculation in another sheet. It works but uses more storage though. I hope Glide can add a formula feature in the future. Anyway thanks again!

Not quite sure what you mean by this.
Glide does have a “formula feature” - it’s called Computed Columns.

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I feel like a Rollup column and a Math column would do the same thing without all of the extra work.

I didnt know this. I could try in the future.

Yes, I think so too, I’ll try tomorrow

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