How to duplicate the profile sheet?

How to double the profile sheet?
If i have a profile tab + i need to make a new tab with (Add admin), so for that i need somehow
to double the profile sheet + make it always synchronized with the original profile sheet, how
can i make my goals real?
P.S. The original profile sheet has a “User-specific” collumn

Is your profile sheet on Google sheet or Glide tables ?

If it’s coming from google sheets, you may want to read this article :

This will be an issue for you, the update is not automatic, the sheet has to be opened to get all the latest datas. More on that in the link above.

Let us know !

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Glide tables
P.S. Understood.

So you want a read only copy of your User Profiles sheet, which is a Glide Table, yes?

Here is what I would do:

  • Firstly, ensure you have a Row ID column in your User Profiles table (that’s obviously the case if you already have User Specific columns)
  • Create your second table, and add a Row ID column
  • Add a second (text) column, and call it User ID.
  • Use that second column to create a single relation back to your User Profiles table, matching on User Profiles → Row ID
  • Now you can add Lookup columns through that relation, one for each column that you want a copy of.

To initially populate the User ID column, you’d either have to copy/paste manually, or if there are many existing rows you could adapt this technique.

Dealing with new users could be a bit tricky, and it depends what your app privacy settings are and how new users are added. But it would probably need to be a two step process. The first step would be adding a new user to the User Profiles table, and the second step would be adding a row to the second table, using the Row ID of the newly created user (you could probably identify this using a Single Value or Rollup column)