How to display the comment button after the item purchased

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I am sending this message since I need some help. I would like to display the comment button on the seller profile. So that the buyer user will be able to put comments, but I would like to display the comments button only if the buyer brought a items to the seller. Is anyone has a solution or method to do this ?

For information, I am using stripe and I have already a system with buyer and seller.

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Are you using a form to write new comments or a comments component?

Whatever you use, you can integrate conditional visibility to get what you want.

I’m assuming you use Glide’s integrated buying flow. You would want to make a “mirrored” sheet of the App: Sales sheet.

Then, from the SKU name/SKU ID of each purchase, do a relation & lookup to return the Seller’s ID.

In the Profiles sheet, make a relation of the user email to the Sales sheet, then a joined list column to return all seller IDs the user has purchased from.

On each seller profile, show the comments component/comment form only when the seller ID is included in the list above.


Hello @ThinhDinh,

Thanks for your detailed response !
I tried your solution and it seems to work. I am still testing.

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Hello @ThinhDinh,

I tested the solution again but it seems not working.
When I create a new user without any purchase, the joined list column return all seller IDs automatically in the new user row’s.

Could you please advise ?


Can you send over some screenshots of the settings you currently have? Thank you.

Sure @ThinhDinh sending

Hello @ThinhDinh

Please find all screenshots of my settings and information.

Thanks in advance for your help

Sounds like this was the problem. If you got the structure right, I believe the sales rel should be the user’s email to the purchaser’s email column in your sales sheet. Then the joined text column returns the seller ID.

Thanks @ThinhDinh for the advise, I did the change but it seems I still have the same result.
Please find the screenshot.

Should I change something in the joined list ?

Make sure you got the following settings.

Relation from Profiles > Sales: Email matching with Purchaser Email (Match multiple)

Joined list in Profiles sheet: Return all Vendor ID (assuming you have that already as you noted above)

Many thanks :smiley: @ThinhDinh I make to use the relation in Joined list and it’s OK now.

And how may I set the visibility on the comment button ? to display only if the user has purchased the item in the seller profile ?

The visibility condition should be:

If screen’s seller ID is included in signed-in user’s joined list.

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Many thanks @ThinhDinh ! :blush: