How to display Good morning/afternoon/evening based on Current time?

I have a welcome screen with a button to track user login time. Set (Log in time) to current time.
But is there a way to display “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” based on the (Log in time)?

You mean based on the current time, right?

  • Use a math column to determine the current hour of the day: Hour(Now)
  • Then use that in an if-then-else column:
    – If Hour > 18, then Evening
    – If Hour > 12, then Afternoon
    – Else Morning
  • Then use that in a template column

Sometimes, I overcomplicate things! :rofl:

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Encounter a similar issue with Computer Columns not able to have less than or more than conditions.

You need to convert the current time to a number using the formula that I gave you earlier:

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Ah that’s a formula! I was using the option > Now.
Is there anywhere to refer such formulas or are they basically Excel formulas?

All the supported functions are listed in the Docs.


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