Comparing time

How can I compare time columns?

Let’s use the case in which we can check if the current hour is in a time schedule.

In one column we would have the current hour and in 2 others we would have the opening and closing times … How can I check if the current hour is between those 2 ?


  • Convert each of the open and close times to an integer representing the hour of the day, using Hour(Date)
  • Do the same with the current date/time (Now)
  • Now you can do a simple numerical comparison with an if-then-else column:
    – If Now hour is less than opening hour, then Closed
    – If Now hour is greater than closing hour, then Closed
    – Else Open
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Hour(date) is in glide tables ?

Yes, using a math column.

I can’t select in if-then-else column less or greater when I have a math column … any suggestions ?

Can I see a screen shot of the columns please?

There is obviously something wrong with your Math columns.
Hour(Date) will always return a number between 0 and 23.
The numbers you have indicate that either your formulas are wrong, or the value you are using as a replacement is not a date/time.

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