Time Based Visibility of an Object / a Row In a List

Hey there, I’m working on a city guide recommendations app, and I’d like the main screen to dynamically change according to the time of day. For instance, in the morning user will get top places to get brunch or breakfast and by the end of the day best places for a night-out will appear. How can it be done, considering I can’t use current time as a formula variable? Or maybe can I? Does the Google Sheets now() formula update frequency is quite satisfying? The new “Experimental Code” Column Type within Glide has got my attention, can it be used to pull the current time from an outside source? And if it could, how so? Thank you very much!

You can create a math column that returns the current hour of the day ‘HOUR(date)’. Then replace ‘date’ with Now in the math column. Then in your restaurants list, add a minimum and maximum hour column which determines which hours of the day that you want to display the restaurant in the list. From here, you can either filter your list or create an IF column to return true if the current hour fits within a restaurant hour range. IF column could then be used for your filter.


That is so simple yet so powerful! Thank you very much!

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