How to determine if ChatGPT has returned a response?

Morning my friends!
I’ve created a table in which I send a Prompt to ChatGPT, however, because GPT prompts are sent via the table, I cannot tell when the data has changed.
For example: If I ask it to summarize a chunk of text, it already has a fake summary that changes constantly before I enter the data. I’ve tried a bunch of ideas, like send back the current time… but that doesn’t seem to change. Any ideas?

What you could do is collect your text in a User Specific Column, then use an action to write the text into a second User Specific column once you’re done, and use the text from the second column for the AI prompt.

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Moring Darren~
Thanks a ton for always hopping in to help! I appreciate it. I’m going to try this today, and I’ll let you know how it works. I’m unsure how this will help me know when ChatGPT has returned the answer. (That’s my goal.)
Maybe it will be evident once I try it.
Thanks again,

Ahhhh… @Darren_Murphy I see… the ChatGPT response is blank until it’s returned. I think that’s gonna work. (I just created a little test table to work this out.) I’ll try it in the actual table now. Thank you. Drew

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@Darren_Murphy I got it to work! Thank you so much. Have a great week.


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