How can we better represent ChatGPT Results

I wrote a prompt for ChatGPT to return a markdown table. Can I use CSS to enhance the style of the table? What are some other ways we can extract the text from the result and modify it for other display?
One idea was to ask Chatgpt to return a Lat and Long value but it will be within the text column. Maybe there are ways to extract numbers and display it onto the map.
Would love to here from the experts!

Here’s an undesirable output which I got and needed Rich text to display properly.

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This is an interesting problem. I did face this same problem a while ago, and what I tried to do was going to: HTML Tables generator –, try to generate a type of table I like, then feed that example to ChatGPT and tell it to comply with the format I gave.

It didn’t turn out super well, but also I didn’t have time to refine the prompt further. I hope that give you some idea, basically force it to comply to a format, then display using rich text.

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If table doesn’t work, then I guess the fallback option is to force it to generate JSON, then use JavaScript to process that the way you want.

Brilliant! I was initially playing with Rich Text Component and created a template with some html.

But it didn’t quite work out.

Pretty sure that styling won’t work in the new Glide Apps unless you can do CSS with Business/Enterprise. What result do you have when trying the new method?

I believe with the higher tier and CSS Component more can be done.
With the current free tier, i tried markdown to html column but the Rich text component does not read it.

But I discovered that the Fields Component handles the Markdown column and display it properly.

Nice discovery, although I would still wanna try to force a table with proper borders.

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