How to detect post is created by X user profile?

In the image, the 3 posts are shown created by Joe( from joe perspective) , but the fact is Mary actually created them.

my question is how to configure the detection,

  • Joe creates Post A
  • Mary creates Post B
  • When Joe views Post B, the author/user profile Is Mary

When you add a row, are you including an email or some other identifier to indicate who created the post? How are you showing the name on the post?

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Yeah, I guess I don’t know how to add an identifier properly.

When adding an item, I don’t want to show the creator details on the modal, that’s weird.

Ah, I think I see what’s happening. Your ‘New Column’ is set up as user specific. User specific columns are meant to store different values in the same cell for different users. I’m guessing that’s not your intention. I would try creating a new column that’s not user specific, and then change your Value component to fill that new column instead.


Hi @Pyoyo,

Like Jeff mentioned, make your new column as not user-specific. ( identified by blue color in column’s icon ) For do that you need to delete the column and add the column again and when adding the new column don’t tick for user-specific.

Then on your form you can add the user profile name value and connect it to that created column.

I suggest to create the Row ID column on the Users table and on this Topics table create a text column and you can name it like Creator ID and don’t make it user-specific and on your form use the user profile Row ID value and connect it to the created Creator ID column and then to get the name you can make a relation column on the Topics table and use a lookup column to return the name!

I suggest this because sometimes there might be duplicated names and if you need to get like topics created by specific user with a relation then the ones that not created by that user also will return because the name is same. But using a Row ID is good because it’s unique for every user and returns the ones that created by only that user in a relation.

Thank you


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