How to create multiple classes based on students choice

I’m building an app for a school.

They have Presentations that they need to teach to students. I have a Presentation detail screen, and from there, I want to add instances of classes being taught. A “Class” has a presentation, date, student, and notes.

Now, I want to have a multiple choice for students, a text box with the notes and an input for the date, and then something like a submit button that creates multiple instances of classes sharing the presentation (current screen), date, and notes for each of the selected the student.

How would I go about doing this? I’m new to Glide, I don’t know much: so if you mention “custom” forms or “lookup arrays”, it’d be great if you explain it.


So ultimately what you need to do is record the instances of a presentation that are taught to different classes?

Shouldn’t it only contain the presentation ID, the class ID and the date? The notes can be a user-specific column so each student can take their own notes, unless you need the teacher to view them all.

Ultimately, I want to store the Presentation name, the Student name, and the date, and notes - which are from a teacher’s perspective, about the class - for example, any HW assigned or so. I need this for multiple students from one form.

How could I do this?

Do you mean there will be different rows, for different students, to evaluate their own presentations?

It should be doable. You can just create a form to write to the Presentations table with a text entry for the name, a choice component to choose the student’s ID, a date picker to pick the date of the presentation, and a text entry component for the notes.

I’ve replied in the other thread, thanks! Could you resolve the doubt I’ve asked there?

Lets keep it to a single thread to avoid confusion.

Will close this one.