How to create, just, the time picker

I want to make survey on one of my pages and google sheets is summing the all times from one person. The problem is that when someone submits a new flyer over time, it is not counted in google sheets because the [’] sign appears next to the time.

How can I fix it so that only the time is sent, without the date or other signs?

Can you go into more details about what is being summed here? Are you trying to calculate the total amount of time people do the survey?

No. each person can create several pages and each page can show a different time. This google sheets counts and summarizes for each person.

Can you send over some screenshots? What does your flow count and summarize exactly? Sounds like you are trying to sum a date/time variable?

As you can see here. only time is counted here.

But it does not count the time if it is written differently, for example, ['01: 00: 00]; [21.09.2021T01: 00: 00Z] and others.

There’s no way to write time only using the date picker or date time picker, but you can convert it in Sheets using the Hour, Minute, Second formulas.

However, if you can, please share more about your use case so we can help you do this in Glide, if you don’t need this in the Sheets.

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