How to create a relation in this example

I have two Glide tabs: Users and Wordlist (list of all words in the wordbank).
Users buy packages of 100 words from the wordbank, learn those words, practise them. I have three statuses for each word: New word, Learning, Learned.
I want to show a statistic using a charts feature showing each user how many words they purchased are in each category.
So far, I have the ring chart, however it is displaying statistics for all words in the wordbank, not just the user’s words he purchased.
What would be the best way to deal with this?
I do appreciate your insight.
Thank you

Hello Lubos, maybe you just have to add a filter condition (in the ‘options’ menu of your chart component) on the data of your chart to be sure you only show the data corresponding to the user.

A great tip. I do appreciate your help.

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