How to create a number chart from birthday?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Glide, I’m bulding a numerology app and want to draw a number chart but don’t know how.
Chart template, like a tic-tac-toe 3x3 game:

I want to fill the template by my birthday, example 17/04/1997:
If the number in birthday match the number in template, fill it. Skip number 0.
After the chart done, I want to draw an arrow throw fullfill or empty line:

Other example for cross/vertical arrow:

Any idea to do this? Thanks a lot.


I would imagine that something like this would be possible with Cloudinary. I’m not an expert with Cloudinary, so can’t really offer any specific advice, but it sure looks like it would be a fun challenge :+1:

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Sounds like this could be very tricky when we consider the template, the logic to “fill” it and all possible combinations of the arrows.

3 rows + 3 columns + 2 diagonals is 8 scenarios, and we have to derive a logic in an If Then Else column, I assume.

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Can we use AppScript to break the birthday into this?

After that, turn the data to Glide as the chart?

Or can we display HTML/CSS on Glide ?
Or we create a service to gender chart image :rofl: :joy:

No need for Apps Script, you could do that with sheet formulas. I’m thinking REGEXEXTRACT() will do the job. Although, I reckon @Jeff_Hager could do it using Glide math :joy:

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So the hard part is drawing them on Glide :sob:

Here’s a solution for your first step:


=IFERROR(REGEXREPLACE(TEXT($B2,"yyyy-mm-dd"), "[^"&C$1&"]", ""),"")

Thank you :joy:

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