How to create a new row with parent table data?

I’m having trouble to add a row with some informations from another table.
Here’s the diagram of that I want to achieve.

I wanna create a “set list library” to help every singer add their songs to given show date.

To me it could be done if I could store the current show date in a variable and could add it to Add Row field.

But it seems that It can only show data from current table.

I need to mix some values from current table with Date+Singer from parent table.

Thanks in advance :grinning:

So you click on a calendar date and that shows you the details screen for that date. I’m a little confused on what happens from there. It looks like you have another screen for adding rows to the setlist? Is the new screen still attached to the same calendar date row? Are you using an Add Row action or a Form?

If I understand correctly, what you want is definitely possible, but I think I need a better explanation of your app flow and maybe some screenshots so I can describe the correct way to do it.


First Screen - Table Escalas

Second Screen - Show Details - Table Scalas (Row Specific)
It have a inline list showing every song on Repertório Table that matches the Date from This Detail Page

Third Screen - Set List Menu - Table Repertórios
I need to add a row to Repertorios Table with some data from Second Screen - Show Details

I’d like to propose an idea, that will make things much easier and save on rows. I might still be a little confused, because it appears that you are showing a list from the Repertorios table and adding additional rows to the table by duplicating it with a different date.

First of all, I think your Repertorios table should just be a list of songs without a date. Each song should only be listed once.

  • What I would do is change the action on your ‘Add Song’ button. Keep the ‘Show New Screen’ action, but change the ‘data’ setting for your action to ‘This Item’. This will create a new screen, but it will still be attached to the same calendar row.
  • Next, add a new column to your Escalas table. This will hold a comma delimited list of song ID’s, which will be explained below.
  • In your Repertorios table, add a Row ID column if you haven’t already.
  • Next, instead of an inline list, I would add a choice component to the new screen. There are several different styles of choices, so you can still make it look like a list. Make sure the choice component points to the new column you created in your Escalas table. Configure your choice component so it will display the song name, but it will save the Row ID in the value setting. Also turn on multiple selections for the choice component. This will allow you to select multiple songs, as well as edit any previous selections, and it will write a comma delimited list of row ID’s for each song to the Escalas table.
  • Now in your Escalas table, add a Split Text column and point it to your new column. This will convert the comma delimited list of row id’s into an array of row ids.
  • Then create a multiple Relation column that links that Split Text column to to the row id column in the Repertorios table.

In the end, the list of chosen songs on the initial Escalas details screen should be sourced from the relation, with no filters, instead of being sourced from the Repertorio table. Now you can go to your Add Song screen, add or remove any songs, and it will instantly update what is show on the Escalas detail screen. This will not write any additional rows. It will only update that new comma delimited column in the Escalas table.

Hope that makes sense.


Hello. Thanks for the quick reply.

Loved this solution. I managed to display it like an inline list.

But I miss somethings from inline list:

1- search bar. since it’ll be a list with more than 100 songs
I managed to create a search bar with a text entry and a filter on the choice component but when I check a box and fill the entry all my choices reset.

2- filters. The Repertório will contain duplicates of songs with same title but with specific data for each singer

3- Edit existent songs. I managed to put a button to a new screen with inline list of Repertorio. But I could be more easy if I could edit on same page.

4- Is it possible to add any song to this array/list column other than a choice component?

I finally found a way! :raised_hands:

Here’s what I did:

1- Created a New Table Named - Temp - with 2 columns

2- On Escala Table - Created a Template Column with “addrow”


3- On Escala Table - Created a Relation with “addrow” and Temp table


4- On Repertório Table - Created a Single Value Column pointing to Temp Table and a Lookup column to retrieve Date

5- On Show Detail Screen - Created an Action: Set Column Values where I put the current Show data on Temp Table ==> Action - Show New Screen with Repertório Table

6- On Repertório New Screen > Inline list > Action - Add Row


Hope this process can help someone! :smiley:

And @Jeff_Hager Thanks for your alternative solution.


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