How to create a multilply check in/out time for attendance

how to create a multilply shift of check in/out time for attendance


Time 10:00-11:00am 1 shift
Time 12:00-13:00pm 2shift

and can choose time to checkin

So those shifts are the same every day and each person will check-in using a form?

sample idea is

  1. namelist that have 50+ ppl to check-in
    2.check-in 5 period of shift ex. morning / late morning / lunch / afternoon / nite
    3.saperate 50 ppl to group of 10 = 5 group
    4.the 5 group will contain 10 ppl to check-in every period
    5.choice to check in is in-time / late / absent / leave / sick
    5.summary the total to each period and each choice

This will be a good start:

Glide: TimeSheet Promo

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simpy record each clock in and clock out…then do filters and math on these records… sample App:

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