How to count and display registrations

Hey guys,

I want to collect registrations for an online-program per user and display the number of all registrations for the program on the registrations page.

Which is the best implementation for this use-case? I´m not sure how to collect the registrations from the user table (per user) and where to store these data (for all users)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Assuming you have multiple programs in a Programs sheet, you can:

  • Add a button in the Program details view to let users register for it. The button will open a form where you can collect the user’s email/ID, the Program ID and whatever info you need related to the registration. These will write to the Registrations table.

  • In the Programs table, relate the program ID column to the same column in the Registrations table, make it a multiple match and use a rollup to count the number of registrations.


@ThinhDinh Thanks for this information.

Implementation seems to work except for one part: Counting the number with the rollup.
Do you have a cue for this?

Program 1 with 2 registrations, Program 2 with 1 registration

On your roll up value you need to select the registration email through the relation column ( New Column>Registration email).

You need to have the rollup on top of the relation, seems like you’re pointing to the whole column in the other sheet.

The first field should be “New column > Program Registration > Registration Email”.

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@Dilon_Perera @ThinhDinh Thanks, guys. Now it works…awesome!


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