How to copy layouts across tabs

So this would accomplish the purpose of screen variant if I’m not mistaken? Would you have an estimated timeline for the release of this functionality? I’m in two minds as to whether to build another app using the same spreadsheet, only to have a different view of the final details of individual list items.

The desired end result would be 5 menu items that when each is selected it would display all the stories that were in that given category from the master stories sheet. I’m not sure how I could pull that off with just a relation to the master stories sheet. I’m not visualizing what you have in mind but open to suggestions or ideas.

Is this what you had in mind?

No, I have it that way, with the inline lists relation, but the client wants to be able to just select a category off of the new drop down menu, you know the upper left hand corner 3 bars menu. To pull that off I need to create a sheet for each category. They want a single click to open the list of each kind of story. It actually will be 2 clicks but that is the request.

I’m not sure what it is that you think would give you the equivalent of screen variants. Duplicating tabs won’t, and like I said, the new, duplicate tab will be bound to the same sheet as the original. I can’t give you a timeline on when we’ll ship tab duplication.

It seems what would actually serve your purpose is to have Glide treat all of your per-user sheets as one big sheet. Then you’d have the advantage of not requiring separate screen configurations for each user, while allowing your users to edit their individual spreadsheets, too. (We don’t have anything like that planned, I’m just thinking out loud.)

Could you please check now? I have added 2 menu options - Adventure and Young Kids. It should bring up just that filtered list from the main sheet. I’ve just created a new tab and given it the category name, then filtered by the required category. And moved to the menu section.

If I’m not mistaken this is the required functionality?

I was referring to the view at the detail level.
Ref thread discussing a similar problem where @George_B has articulated this better.

I already have all data in one main sheet, but some people would need to only view(not edit) some fields of the individual records, while others would need to edit all the fields.

Yes, that is exactly the case that Screen Variants would solve. Unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline on when we’ll ship them.

That is what I needed. I was doing it the hard way. Thanks @Doomba for persisting with this and reminding me of not only the ability to add Tabs but also create filters on those tabs. Much appreciated!

So glad I could help :blush:

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