How to convert exsisting google sheets data to airtable database

I created the data in google sheets but can I transfer my data into airtable database ?

Hi @Sheeba_Ancy,

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You can import your Google Sheet in to a Airtable table or create a new table with that data.

Once you create a base or have a base and when you go inside click on the plus icon and you will see a Google sheet option. And then click on it! And then you need to click on manage connected accounts and connect your google sheet account and you will see a another option on the drop-down that you click on it and select the spreadsheet.

Or you can download your spreadsheet as a CSV

to your device and select the CSV file option and upload that downloaded CSV!

But based on my experience Glide Tables are faster than all these Data sources! And Glide released a new feature that can create a glide table using Excel , CSV or ODS files. You can click the plus icon and select that option and you can upload the CSV that you download.


Hope this helps!

Thank you