Airtable as a data source instead of Google Sheets

Has there been any considering to offer Airtable as an alternate data source to Google Sheets?

I don’t think it’s currently an option, but I believe some people have linked airtable to google sheets using zapier and other methods. Haven’t done it myself, but something to check out if you absolutely need it.


I have used the Airtable Importer and it works great. You only need to create a shareable view of your grid in Airtable and then it will take care of the rest. The paid version allows you to do the sync automatically rather than having to trigger it yourself in the sheet. I didn’t need that so I can’t confirme that this parts works well.

It’s pretty straightforward but I’m happy to help if there’s any questions.

I’ve tried the Zapier option as well but it’s much harder to configure it to keep the sync. It’s easy and works well if you only have to add lines though.