How to combine responses from multiple choice inputs into a single view

Hi All,

I’m working on a medical app to do the following stuff:

  1. Create new patients record (basic demographics)- Done
  2. Record their diagnosis- Done (via a choice component of pre-decided diseases)
  3. Input Prescription like Medicine Name (e.g. Paracetamol), Dose Quantity (e.g. 1 tab), Dose Timings (e.g. Morning only OR Morning + Evening) - Done (via 3 choice components for each medicine)

Let’s say, I allow a max of 5 medicines to be prescribed. So, there are 5 * 3 (1 each for medicine name, dose quantity and dose timing) = 15 choice components required and hence 15 columns to store these values.

All of these data can be added while creating a new patient’s record (i.e. Basic demo + Diagnosis + Prescription). All this is working fine so far.

What’s the Problem?
How can I see all this prescription values info as a single readable text box or a table? Is there any way to combine all the values from these choice components. Something like this-

Prescription (Title)

  1. Med-1 | Quantity | Timing
  2. Med-2 | Quantity | Timing
    …and so on…

Have a template column to do that for you, and add some HTML format to make it readable, I think.

E.g: In the template column type

Med-1 | Quantity1 | Timing1 <BR>
Med-2 | Quantity2 | Timing2 <BR>

And replace the Med-1, … by their respective columns. <BR> is for a new line.

Then display it in a rich text component.

Thanks! Yes, It worked in a crude way. One problem is the numeric values for quantity like 0.5, 1, 1.5 are appearing in date-time form i.e. 1899-12-31T00:00:00.000Z

Make sure in your editor it is storing as a number column. Can you verify it, do you accidentally store it as a datetime column?