How to chain conditions in Actions Editor

I am using the Actions Editor to create a custom workflow. Here’s my current action:
Screen Shot 2023-04-29 at 12.24.52 AM

The idea is that when the user profile (record in Team Members table) is updated, I want those changes to propagate to the corresponding record in the Vendors table.

Now, I have other types of users e.g. Admins, Shop Assistants (staff), Clerks, etc. I’d like to also conditionally introspect their type so that I can set the table-specific column values in their specific sheets.

How can I achieve this in Glide? It appear that the Actions editor does not support more than one if-else condition…

Specifically, I’d like something like this:

if “Role” is “Vendor” → Set column values in “Vendors” table (using Team Members/Vendor Relation)
else if “Role” is “Shop Assistant” → Set column values in “Shop Assistants” table (using Team Members/Shop Assistant Relation)
else if “Role” is “Clerk” → Set column values in “Field Clerks” table (using Team Members/Clerk Relation)

You can add more conditions. If you hover in the right spot you should see a plus symbol to add another IF condition. You can have multiple conditions going horizontally.


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