Multiple conditions are met at the same time / Minor condition

As far as I have tested and done some digging, Glide’s conditions in Custom action are designed to trigger the first-met one

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have an option to trigger all met-conditions? In that case, there is one issue that I could so far think of, which is the sequence of actions to be triggered.

For example, in this case, what I want is to trigger both of these conditions, as both of the fields are empty. The sequence doesn’t really matter here.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be even better if we could have minor condtions? It’s like you have your first condition met, then actions implemented, then next condition to judge if following actions should be executed or not.

It’s basically the similar idea. I’m not sure if we have had these or not, I’m just getting tired of having to set 3+ conditions, each includes 3 actions least, all in 1 Custom Action.

Please advise if you have better ideas :heart_eyes:

The way I handle conditions which need to all be set (e.g. filling in a form and all fields need to be completed before a ‘Save’ button appears) is to kind of cheat - using if-then-esle and template columns that combine the entries and then use that for my final condition. For instance:


so the IFE (if-then-else) ift-name = if name is not empty, then Y

and then TP (template) tp_complete = nameaddressphone
— would give me YYY is all complete

Then I check to see if YYY is there in tp_complete

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I do something similar, but I’m not quite so generous with the columns. In that scenario, I’d use just one column…

  • if name is empty, then false
  • else if address is empty, then false
  • else if phone is empty, then false
  • else true



It is standard in all programming languages to always stop processing once the first true condition has been met and processed.

In your case I would add a third condition in front of the other two. The first condition would check if Phone AND Address are empty, then set all necessary columns. Else, let it run through the other conditions. It’s all about the correct heirarchy.

I absolutely agree that the If Then logic needs work in glide.

@Robert_Petitto created a feature request that asks for exactly what you want.

I have a feature request that’s a little more generic and asks for better and more consistent IF Then logic throughout all of glide.