How to: Capitalize letters (up to five max) in a column (w/ Pic)


Am I overlooking a step? I would like for users to have capital letters in one column.

I don’t see where I may have a setting issue.


That’s a text entry component so if you type into that component… it won’t be impacted by the capitalize plugin. One option is to set the capital text value to the column the text entry writes to prior to opening that screen. (Assuming that value already exists)

If that’s a form… submit the capital plugin column.

To make every letter capital there is an Uppercase plugin.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do but if you put a text component on your screen then you could display the plug-in column.

Thank you. What I am trying to do is make sure the SYMB column is in all caps when the user submits it initially and be able to see caps when they view later (or have to edit that column).

Caps are better for the acronyms.

Just so I’m clear when you say "Plug-in "is that something I am downloading into the Glide app? I am to new to know what that means, my apologies.

Thanks again for you reply!

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Ok then you could use an uppercase column → target the text entry → and submit the uppercase.

It’s a column type in Glide. Both the capitalize and uppercase are ‘text plugins’

When you add a new column just use the search and type ‘Uppercase’… I’m sure you’ll find it :wink:


Ok. So I did Create the Column as Uppercase and pointed Data to text.

“target the text entry → and submit the uppercase.”

For the rest of your instructions (I don’t want to assume) were you meaning to create an Text Entry field and have it write to that column?

If so, I did that :white_check_mark:.

Last Q: As I’m typing in the text entry field, it still shows up as lowercase. Did I miss a step?
However, I do see them as capital letters in the Database and when it’s pointed to in Titles (for example).

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I’m not aware of anyway to make the text entry capital as you are typing…I suppose you could add a title/ text component to the same screen and display the uppercase column but it would be a little redundant.

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In THIS case, I am fine with redundant since it’s the only field.

Before I saw your message I took a guess at a MAYBE!? lol

You confirmed it! So THANK YOU for the reply!

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