How to calculate walking distance with DISTANCE column

Hi, I would like to calculate the walking distance of my users.

I did not understand how the Distance column works.
Is it based on GPS?

My main goal: I would like the user to press START (as for start the walk), and when finish to press STOP, and then to calculate the distance.

  1. How can the user enter the current location when press START?
  2. I would like to measure the distance few times a day (when pressed start and stoop) How can I “bring” the current location each time?
  3. What happen if the user is at home(under roof) and no signal available? Can i show the user an alert for ‘no gps’?
  4. Is this feature works only from A to B, or IF the user walks from A to B back and forth? for example, the users walks 1 km total, but 100m each direction 10 times.

Thank you.

In short, if you plan it to be a distance/step tracker for joggers/runners, I doubt it would work.

It calculates a distance between two addresses/coordinates.

You have to use a Location component so it writes to a “current location” column in your database. I believe the component does track the real-time location of the user, but I don’t know the frequency of it being updated.

When you click “Start”, write the current location to a user-specific column, let’s call it “Start location”, end when the user clicks “End”, write the current location to another user-specific column, let’s call it “End location”. Submit it to a Logs table and calculate the distance between those 2 points.

In this case, it doesn’t work. It simply calculates the distance between 2 coordinates, not the “distance” or “steps” you usually see in Apple Health, for example.