How to avoid the developer from viewing other accounts using the "View As"?

Hi guys!

The option for “view as” looks very unsecure in my opinion.
Maybe I understood it wrongly.
Does that relate to the meaning of private vs. public users?

At the moment, if my friends open an account, I can see their account, and even comment under their name (that’s the functionality, of course, for the different testing I guess). I see data protection violations here.

Can you help me to understand how I can prevent the developer/editor of the app from viewing and using all the other accounts?

I would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!


I don’t believe there is a way to prevent an app editor from viewing the app as another user, but this seems like a good case for having an NDA written up and signed by anybody that edits the app.


In the database world, there are standard NDA’s, background checks, security screenings and other things that are designed exactly because of situations like this. You cannot have a DBA that does not have full access to the data. If you cannot trust someone with the data, there are other problems. In jobs I have had, I’ve had to go through background checks and pass other types of security screens. I’ve had access to databases with 70,000+ credit cards, etc. It’s part of the job.

That said, when prototyping an app and building new features, it’s customary to point at a design-time database so it does not matter if data is manipulated in non-standard ways to test concepts.

WIth Glide, that means a lot of extra work, because you cannot simply change the pointer to a new database when going “live”.


Actually, you can - sort of. With the replace Data Source option. But I get your point, it’s not the same.


Thank you so much guys!
You saved me tons of time of trial & error

It definitely motivated me to post more questions here, after I received the quick feedback :slight_smile:


You should only give editor access to people you trust. When you have edit access, you can access all of the app’s data.

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Thanks a lot David!

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