Grant access to view but not edit app

I would like to give someone permission to view the backend of my app but not actually allow them to change anything. Is this possible? It looks like adding a Team member automatically allows editing.

I tried duplicating my app instead to allow access that way, but my app is way over the free data limit so the content i wanted to show was not visible.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I don’t think you have more options for that, other than deleting some data in the duplicate App, or do the Zoom meeting with screen sharing

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@Katelyn_Alberts you are on an old Pro plan, which is per-app. Under our new team-based pricing, our Starter plan gives you 5 apps with 2,500 rows each, so you can duplicate your app and still have the higher number of rows. The $99/mo plan gives you unlimited 25k rows apps.

You could make an app or Page that can view but not edit the data you want to share.

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you can make members view only? I don’t see that option… only make admin or remove

For app users, you make data readable/viewable and not editable/updatable.

For developers/builders/makers of your app, team admins and members, as far as I know, you cannot prevent them from changing the app (and therefore editing the data).

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Thanks for offering that option David. It’s quite an increase in payments for a small need so i likely won’t opt for that. But question though, when you referred to ‘old pro plan’. Does that mean the plan I’m on will no longer be available soon?

I believe you are currently paying $32/mo for one app? The Starter plan gives you five apps for $25/mo, which all include 2,500 rows.

We stopped offering the plan you are on a while ago–it cannot be purchased anymore, and if you want to upgrade another app, your only option is to move to a team plan. We will not force you to move to new plans this year–but maybe early next, we will convert all teams to the new plans. We will email you with options and more information before we change anything.


Oh I see, ok I just meant the 99/month one. I kind of mentally bypassed the 5 apps option since I don’t need that many apps and will need a higher row limit on the one app that I do have. So sometime next year I will have to switch from the $32 per month to the $99 per month?