How to append a value to a profile column

Hi everyone,

For a customer loyalty app, I want to record, in some column of the user’s profile, the amount of money the user spends at a coffee shop.
So when the user buys something, they can add the ticket/invoice with the value spent. And I want to add that spent value to a column on his profile.
But I see that there is no “append” function to a column.
I understand that when uploading the invoice, I can bring the value spent from your profile up to that moment, but how do I set the new value to the profile? Why I can’t set A+B either?
Being “A” the current value of the profile and “B” the value of the ticket.

Thanks for any help!

When using the set column values action choose ‘Users Profile’ for the row instead of ‘This Item’.

Simply setup a Math column with A+B and use that new Math column in your set column values.

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I’m not sure about why the action needs to be used here, isn’t a rollup sufficient?

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