How to add new rows by tapping on an item

I am designing an app to be used for dispatching work from the office to a technician in the field.

I have most of it done, like office creating a ticket number and scheduling the work and also the technician see all the work that has been scheduled for him to do in the field.

The next hurdle is getting a way for the technician to record the hours and the materials used to do the job.

The hours is no problem, but how to make an easy way to add materials? I have a sheet that has the top 300 items used on past jobs. The list includes a description, an image, part number and unit pricing.

I want the technician to be able to go from the detail screen of the job (see middle screen below) and then link to the list of materials (right screen below) and then scroll to an item and then tap it. Upon tap a new row is created in the sheet. The new row copies in the ticket number and the material description and a default quantity of 1.

After the technician has added items he can go to another screen (not built yet) that shows all the items he’s selected by tapping. On this screen he could adjust quantities and also delete an item.

Once the job is marked completed then the office will review hours and materials and generate an invoice for payment.

Basically I want to have a ‘build a shopping cart’ without the payment or delivery requirements.

Is this functionality possible? Other ideas on how to accomplish? I am all ears.

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