How to add fields to app from an airtable rollup or formula column?


Ive discovered that my rollup and formula fields in airtable - although copying across to Glide fine and having data populated - are not available as fields that I can select when designing the app layout.

I can select other fields from the table but not the rollup ones.

It isn’s available in the ‘items data’ settings for a collection nor in the Fields component data source.

How do I do this?

The objective is:
I have a table of Recipes. One of the columns is an Ingredients text field.
For each recipe that meets certain conditions, I want a single field that shows the aggregated Ingredients from all those recipes.

I want the glide app to display the results of that aggregation.

My technique was:
All recipes are automatically linked to a row in a second global table.
That second global table has a rollup field that aggregates the Ingredients field from the linked Recipes (which is all of them) where certain conditions are met.

I thought I could then simply add a field to a page layout in glide that displays that information but i can’t


I’m not an Airtable user, but it sounds like what you are looking for in Glide is a Joined List column.

Can you show me how your Airtable column appears in the Glide Data Editor?

Thank you,

This solved it. I had to create a new field in glide of joined list type that references the rollup field from airtable.


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