How to add events to a calendar

How do you add events to a calendar=? I don’t see anything about it in what you charitably call “Documentation”. I wish you guys would simply write things down instead of producing cute videos with smiling faces and glossing over every detail in a hurry. I like your app but I’m thinking of going elsewhere since I can’t understand how anything works. You can’t search videos to find answers you need. And your videos are incomplete. Please go back to the simple, boring, step-by-step procedure so old guys like me can just learn what they need to know and get on with their lives. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who gets discouraged and goes elsewhere or simply gives up. Most people don’t want to admit it.

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Here’s the documentation for adding items in your app:

It works the same for calendars, lists, maps, etc. If the documentation isn’t clear, please let me know what you don’t understand.

There are also some extensive long form tutorial videos that work through building every piece of an app from scratch. I’d also like to add to @david’s comment that in addition to the plus button to add records, you can also use a form button to add records to a sheet. You’re always welcome to ask questions if something isn’t clear.

Be nicer! It helps! (I prefer videos for explanation)

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@Stu_Ducklow I respectfully disagree with your assertion that the Glide documentation is sub-par. I have worked for companies developing similarly low-code/no-code tools (and explored other such tools) and the Glide documentation is among the best I have seen. Naturally, we all come to tools such as Glide with different backgrounds and mental models, so it is currently impossible to provide self-service learning content that can replace an interactive learning model. Like you, I am a user of the tool and I have hit a few walls of my own, but I am increasingly convinced that this is a tool worth investing time in. Thank you Glide team for the wonderful tool and support.