How to add a different airtable account to my Glide account?

Hi there everyone. I’m going to get straight to it.

I am working on a company project using Glide and Airtable.
I am signed into Airtable on the company account and am signed in to my personal work account on Glide.
The company account (on Airtable) is where all the data goes from Glide.
I have been invited to view and edit the company projects via their company account on Glide.

The issue is that when I try to add an Airtable base to Glide, it restricts me with my personal work Airtable account - which is very unhelpful. I have asked if I can just use the company account to log onto Glide, but they aren’t too keen on that idea.

I hope this is making sense. Please if anyone has suggestions or resolutions to this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Well the bottom line is I think your Glide email should have access to the Airtable base, I don’t think there’s another way.

I see. I’m currently using my personal work email on Glide. Will try to convince the team to let me use the company email. Thanks a lot man!

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