How to access google tag manager to glide?

I already accessed to google analytics my glide web.

Now I want to track custom event to Google Tag Manager.

How to edit my html code?

I want to paste my Google Tag Manager code to glide web html.


I have the same issue, I need to insert the Google Tag Manager, but I don’t know how to do it. Any suggestion? Thanks, all the best!

Unfortunately, There is no way to insert the GTM or editing html code. :joy:
here is the answer to glide manager!

Sorry, we don’t support Google Tag Manager and we do not allow editing or any insertion into the html of a Glide app.
|George from Glide|


I have a client who Needs to track audio clicks. As far as I’m aware, Google tag manager is the only way to do this by targeting the HTML audio component. I don’t believe Google analytics can track this behavior detailed. Can you prove me wrong? :wink:


I’m pretty sure you are correct, GA does not have that detail. I did do some audio stuff using RSS feeds from various podcast hosting services, being one of them. It’s possible that if your client hosts his audio files on a Podcasting site link that, you may be able to get play status via those services tools.


But, if you make opening the audio a button, you can add an action to set column increment +1 and use that to track clicks. If the users are logged in, can track who clicked and trigger actions.
I’ve been using the set column inclement o add link tracking for a few things, works great!

Hey Brian! Thanks for chiming in. I have a client that wants to stay in app though and likes the audio player interface. The button solution would certainly work with a compound open link action/set column action, though. I’ll run it by him!

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if GTM is not supported by Glide, what would be an alternative to track outbound link clicks?

You could maybe create a button with a custom action that first increments a column value and then opens the link.