How much to charge for app development

Hello Community,

I’m new to app building and I wanted to know if you can provide an average price I should charge to build apps for small businesses? I know the answer to this question will range but having feedback will help me.

Thank you in advance… :slight_smile:

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We would normally charge an amount “up front” to cover initial discussions, design, development, UAT and training. You can quote this once you have a spec from the customer, maybe using a day rate. We then charge a monthly amount to cover, hosting, support and maintenance. This should give you a starting point.

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Thank you so much. This is a great blueprint to get me started. :smile:

No problem. Of course you need to take a view on your day rate and then check that the overall cost over, say, year one works for you AND is reasonably competitive. We have found that we are generally able to come in at a customer-friendly level using Glide. Good luck!

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Thank you so much…