How i re-arrange (automatically) rows on a Glide table

Hi everyone,
I have some challenges to re-arrange some rows in glide tables.
Context, I have a table with 10 teams that have a column where I change the numbers in order to increment “points” (3, after winning a game add more, so I put 6), and I need to re-arrange a table after I change the number in the rows.

Another question, Does this change per row count as one update?

In advance thank you all

Can you explain why do you need to re-arrange the table? If your end result is the sorted table on the front end, I think you can sort it within the collection component you use, instead of the data editor.

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In fact i don’t no if i need re-arrange.
What solution do you suggest ? And how i can apply ?(if you know some tutorial, please send it )


Tables in Glide do not allow you to use row order to convey information. If you want to sort rows, you can do this in the Layout Editor in the options of a collection and sort in ascending or descending order along any column in your table.

Hi nathan,

I try re-arrange in layout Editor, but i can´t see any difference in the order position.
I´ve tried sort by the “Equipas” column and the “Pontos” column (that i think is the correct)

I don´t know if i do anything wrong, could you help me please ?

Thank you for your time

You are applying sorting to the parent screen, which will have no effect.
You need to apply the sort to the Data Grid Collection.

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