How easy is it to steal source data from Glide Pages?

I have a Pages project which will launch in the next few months. I’d like to make a new pages project public landing page showing select data to promote the upcoming product and allow people to sign up to an emailing list. I cannot column protect my data because it will be needed for the launch and is currently needed for some testers.

I’m slightly worried someone might steal my data and have a few month to make a competing product. The data I will offer for a charge is proprietary and currently unavailable to the public.

Am I right or wrong to have some concern? Thank you.

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We understand your concern and we take data security very seriously. Glide Pages is designed to protect your data from being stolen. We use a variety of security measures to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We also have a feature called Visibility Conditions which allows you to control which data is visible to the public. You can learn more about Visibility Conditions here. Additionally, we recommend that you use Row Owners to protect private data and enable roles to create access groups. We also suggest anonymizing emails in public apps. Please check out our Security and User Data guide for more information. Glide • Security and User Data

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The way to protect the rest of the data from being seen is to use row owners. Right now, if row owners is being used, the only way to make a select part of the data available to all is to use a separate table that does not use row owners. So you can duplicate your main table and remove all the data you want to keep hidden, and only keep your dozen rows, or whatever you see fit to be publicly available for everyone to see. Your table with all the hidden data will not be able to be seen by anyone else.

Because of the nature of your product, however, I think ROLES would be a more appropriate solution because if what I understand is correct, anyone who has paid will have access to all the data. I have not used ROLES, because I think it makes all users private users and bumps up the cost of Glide. Your project sounds like that is the best solution, though.

Thank you. I am familiar with those suggestion, they are good but unfortunately don’t work for me. Most of the data I present on the homepage is the result of calculated fields from a much large dataset. The homepage needs to be able to access this data to give accurate numbers. Do you have any idea on how easy it might be to steal it? I’m not asking how to steal it, just inquiring on the level of difficulty to help me evaluate the situation.

everything that is downloaded to the device can be seen. You can use non-connected google sheets to do calculations and fetch results to the App.

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If they are not connected, how do you see them in the app?

here is the sample:

Yes, I have seen your example, but not the “source”…

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top secret :wink:

Well then perhaps do not suggest that as a solution :sweat_smile: :thinking:


It is a bit of advice… that can turn into a solution under the right circumstances :wink: