How do you make an image show on a card in cards layout

I’m trying to create a garden journal using a Google form to fill in the spreadsheet. I then linked the spreadsheet to Glide. I wanted to use the cards layout and hoped to have an image display but nothing I do will make it work. I am a total amateur not a coder but I am not totally clueless. Also in playing around I managed to insert an image into the details page and now despite deleting it from the spread sheet the image remains. Any thoughts or suggestions Thank you

Are the images being uploaded via the Google form? If so, I imagine they’re being stored in Google Drive?

Make sure the Google Drive folder is set to Public (anyone on the internet can view).

Even then, it’s possible that some won’t display properly, Google drive is not a reliable image hosting platform for Glide

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Hi @nonob, how are you?

It seems you have the following setup:

Image → Google Form → Google Sheets → Display in Glide

Is there a reason why you are using both Google (Form+Sheets) and Glide, when you might be able to simplify and improve performance by only using Glide?

Image → Glide Form → Glide Data Editor → Display in Glide

You’ll notice the steps are the same: capturing data, organizing and storing the data, displaying the data. Using one tool instead of two could help. It’s just an idea. :slight_smile: