How do you calculate the sum of such virtual values?

The Value of the kCal is calculated per line using values ​​from other sheets.

you forgot to ask questions or point the problem… so I assume the title is the question and you need to sum Ber. kcal column… so, add a roll-up column and sum that one, and I have no idea what you mean by “if number is equal”… to what value?

You can create a multiple relation column linking the nummer column back to itself. This will link each row with a nummer to every other row that has the same nummer. Then you can use a rollup column to sum the column you need through that relation.


if 123 nummer =1 all the values of Ber. kCal must be added.

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it is for many values or just for 1 and 2?
if just for 2 values, create IF-ELSE column to get values… IF nummer = 1 then Ber.kcal ELSE 0, and use rollup column to sum it

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for many

then you have to create relations to these numbers and rollup-sum these relations

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This is exactly what I meant. I can now continue. Until the next problem reveals itself.

Thanks Uzo.

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