How do I show aggregated value instead of multiple entries?

Have a look at inline list below:

You can see that ben*.* are being displayed twice. This is because in the underlying sheet ben*.* did shown twice: below is the picture. ben*.* is data with id 3oibJ…

This sheet is composite of:

  • User Row ID. Ben Row ID is 3oibJ…
  • Syirkah Row ID. Obviously the syirkah/startup is 5YsIL…

Now, ofcourse I would like to show that Ben*.* as one liner data, but with accumulated value of Rp 20,000,000 (this is because he input Rp 10,000,000 twice)

How do I solved this? I do hope I don’t have to create another sheet for this solution


To make adding them easier, it’s better to create another worksheet. with a list of investors’ names and a worksheet of investors’ investment history/incoming investment history.

It seems that your question is similar to this one.

You’ll see that I provided a solution in that thread. It’s not a simple solution, but it does avoid creating an extra table.


Woa! Rollup and … else!

On it!
I’ll keep you posted!