How do I share a copy of my app database with someone?

Hi, I’m trying to hire someone to help me add some features to my app, so I made a duplicate of my app in my homepage, but how do I make it so that I’m sharing the database and allowing it to be editable??

I’d also just love for someone to confirm that the duplicate, in no way, affects my original!?


(From within the App Builder) Settings → Sharing → Allow anyone with the link to copy

When you made the copy, did you make a new sheet, or keep the existing sheet?
If you kept the existing sheet, then any data edits made in the duplicate would affect the original.
If you made a new sheet, then you are safe.


I’d also suggest you put your copy in a new team folder and add the person doing the edits to that team. That way you can both see and work on the app.


thank you Darren!!

Oh so cool, I didn’t realize you could do that, thanks!

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Actually if you’re paying somebody to work on your app, you’re better off doing as @DarrenHumphries suggested.