How do I see how many users on the private pro plan?

How do I see how many users on the private pro plan? Once I launch my app with the password protection I am curious to see how many use the app.

there are many ways to track users…

  1. sign in to the app… you will see in the log-in sheet users that log in.
  2. put custom action in clickable elements to increment counters for these elements.
  3. (advanced) track users with Experimental Column
  4. view more tricks that can be done… but no time or place to talk about it… :wink:
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how do I get this log in sheet?

go to settings and click “public with email”

What if I want it private with email or password and I have the pro plan?

same options… for pro or free…but in pro, you can collect real emails.
or you can create your own sign-in screen and collect whatever you want

Sorry to keep asking questions, but this sheet is not popping up for me. How do I know which users have actually signed in vs. which ones are just on my list?

I want to be able to know how many users outside of the 20 on the pro plan i will be charged for?

you need to check it in google sheets… app logins

But how do I access this? I am in my google sheets and there is no app logins

If your app is attached to a google sheet, and your users sign in using their email then, glide will usually generate an ‘app: logins’ sheet that’s only accessible in the google sheet.

If you have user profiles enabled, and your users sign in using their email, then glide will generate a row in whichever table or sheet that you designate as the user profile table/sheet.

In both scenarios above, I believe a row will generate only when users sign in with their email. It will generate a row in the google app logins sheet every time they go through the sign in process by requesting a pin or using Google authentication. The user profile table will only generate a row once per user.

Both scenarios above are not a good way to track live app usage.

For clarification, does your sign in process use the email with pin option, or only the password option? If it’s only the password option, then I’m not sure how or if glide will track app users. For Private Pro plans that are not on legacy apps, glide should be providing a monthly user count in the glide dashboard. As far as I know, this count will only work for newer Private Pro apps that use Email with Pin, or Google authentication, since individual users can be tracked for a count of monthly active users. When a password is used, then there is no way to individually track each user, so there is no way to get a reliable count.

You can consider using Google Analytics to get deeper app usage statistics.

Otherwise, you would have to build you own process to track user. Such as a button action or an action on an inline list that will either add a row to a table, or update a date column in the user profile table, for the signed in user.

So, there’s a few ways to track users…either rely on Glide’s count in the dashboard (if applicable to you app subscription, sign in method, etc.), Use Google Analytics, or build your own process to track users and usage.

…and please, don’t ever create your own login screen. Trying to circumvent Glide’s built in user authentication with you own is not secure, and will very readily expose yourself and all of your user’s data, emails, passwords, etc. It is never secure to make a homegrown login screen.


PS, I’m not entirely sure if glide will charge above the 20 user limit if you are only using a password option. Somebody would have to confirm that though. I’m not sure. That might be a question for glide support to get billing clarification.

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I got roasted for not knowing the answer to this the other day! Okay, private pro pricing is based on “active users”, not password or pin based users, except the first 20 concession. . It is anyone who is a signed in user. Currently, it does not cover anyone who ie merely submitting a form without signing into the app. Soon the active user dentition will be replaced with “signed in user” to avoid any confusion


Thank you this is helpful! But I am still a little confused. So with the pro plan rn with the password I can have as many people use it but only 20 people on at the same time? Correct?

Additionally once this is changed to sign in how do they keep track if its password signin? I am just confused on how you will know if whos who by using a password.

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You won’t know who is who if you use the password method because a user is not required to identify themselves by email.


We don’t know how many users you have if you use password, so we will charge you the minimum of 20 users, even if you have 200.

Unless those users sign in with email, after signing it with password, for example, to post a comment. Then we can count them.


On the private pro plan anyone who “signs into your app” (i.e., signed in user) is an active user. The 1st 20 active users do not count towards the 2$ per active user (signed in user). Anyone who signs into your app after you hit 20, you will be billed for. So x who is number 21 and who either signs into your app or is invited to sign into your app following a pin request, on signing in will become an active user. This is how private pro 2$ per user works. These plans are active user based, not:

  1. Password or
  2. Pin based

On the question of how many app users, I can’t really improve on what jeff has already said.


Thank you all this is very helpful!