How do I search for my name and photo at a glance?

As attached below, when searching for your name within each group, entering “Inung Shin” in the search box will search for one group.
The search I want is to search for photos, names and personal information at a glance.
Is it possible?

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Can you clarify more, do you expect multiple search terms to work?

I do. When searching, I want my name to appear immediately rather than the group to which my name belongs.

So your name (and other info) is inside each group that you show in the first screen? I don’t think it’s possible.

You just need to have multiple lists that all use the same search box. But you will have to get rid of the current default search box and create your own.


Can you tell me how to make it yourself?

So build your inline lists the way you want them to look. Each list will be what you are searching in. You can these with lists of images, names, etc. You then make a entry field. In your lists go to the features tab and change the filters of the items to filter on the same column that the entry field goes to and your done.

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I am very weak in English. This is also translated by Google Translator. Maybe there is no image or video?