How do I perform an action after a SHOW FORM SCREEN - Submit Button is pressed

Hi, I need some help in understanding how the SHOW FORM SCREEN And SUBMIT Button work.

On my Detail screen, I’d like to do the following two things:

(1) Click a button to launch the Show Form Screen.
(2) After entering the FORM data, I’d like to perform an action, such as triggering a webhook.

If I put (1) and (2) in a Custom Action block, action (2) gets executed automatically when action (1) is launched. In fact, it gets executed EVEN BEFORE the SUBMIT button is pressed on my form.

Is there a way to CONDITIONALLY execute (2) based on, e.g., whether action 1 was cancelled ?

You need to separate the actions. First, your button should only open the form screen. When you are inside the form, then you should have an On Submit Action that will be executed when the form is submitted.


Thank you, Jeff. Your guidance was really good, and I was able to resolve the issue!

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