How do I perform a calculate field?

I’M new at this and had successful help last month. Thank you. I’ve been trying to learn on my own now, but got a bit stuck. I thought I found something, but had to go away for a couple of hours, came back and couldn’t find what I had come across previously. I had my browser in Private by accident. Anyway, I’m trying to create a scoreCard for keeping score when playing games at home. So far, I’ve made it where I can add in the names and start out at 0. What I need is to be able to input the current players. Everyone starts from 0. When the round is over, we add up our cards which could be regular positive numbers or it could include negative, but whatever the case, the person’s score needs to reflect current score on the main screen and then I should be able to tap on the name, put in this rounds score and then go back to the main page showing the updated score. Also, I need to see whose turn it is as each round the person to the left goes first and sometimes we forget who went first on the last hand. I’ll share the link to my original Sheet that I’ve been using so you get the idea and then the next share will be my attempt at making a new ScoreCard. I couldn’t convert my original Sheet so I thought I would start over. In the original, I colored the numbers if they were minus or positive so just by seeing the colors, we could see who was doing well. That isn’t so important. I’m starting to understand but still missing how you guys get certain things done. I am watching videos. Due to having to take pain meds all the time, I doze off a lot. (LoL) Original scorecard (View Only)

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Can you share the link to the app as well so we can have a better visualization of the whole flow? Thank you.

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Thank you. The one I’m working on is shared. The 2nd link above is what I was doing but it’s not really anything now. I made a mock up to give you an idea of what I’m looking for. The mock-up is the first tab or screen. The second tab, or screen, should be each player showing each round’s history so that we can look back and see who made what score on any particular round or hand. Player 1 round 1, -5 , round 2, 18, round 3, 0, round 4, -1 etc for each player. On the first screen, at the bottom, it could say, current round is round 5. Next round starts with Player 3. I can always fix this, but getting there is the difficult part. Does this help?