How do I get the full-color splash screen, as seen in the tutorials?

Hi Glide Team,

Thank you very much for creating this so easy and powerful Apps.

I was interesting with the Full color splash screen as shown in the tutorial.

Please advice, where can I get it?

Thank you,

You get it automatically with most of the themes (Light, Bold). It’s based on your accent color.

I’ve understood from this reply that it happens (magically) automatically. Oddly, though, I’ve never seen it when I run the app myself, but other users do.

You may have changed your theme after you installed it on your device. Check out the Signing Out of Apps portion of the following document.

No that’s not it, I’m afraid, Jeff. I’ve deleted both my apps from the homescreen and reloaded, but it still opens at a page rather than a splashscreen.

So you aren’t seeing a splash screen at all? Have you cleared your browser cache? All the app info is cached in the browser. Just removing from your homescreen won’t do it. The splash screen only shows for a second while the app is loaded into memory.

Ah. That makes sense. It’s not really like a homepage for the app. More of a temporary hold. That’s fine.