How do i Export to CSV on mobile

How do i Export to CSV on mobile, the action works perfect on desktop but on phone nothing happens.

So it doesn’t write a CSV link at all to the column of your choice?

It writes the file, but doesn’t download it/open on mobile

You need to have an action with 2 steps… (1) Generate the CSV and save the URL to a column, then (2) Open Link pointing to the URL you just saved. This should work.

Just be sure to allow pop-ups from the settings in your mobile device’s browser.

I’m not sure open link will work on iPhone + Safari (when used in an action sequence). You may have to cut your flow up into two buttons

No it works fine. I just tested it with one of my Apps using the above action…

I have thise exact custom action, works flawlessly on mac/PC but on iphone nothing comes up

Are you using iPhone with Safari? Have you checked your Safari settings allow pop-ups?

Just checked, it is allowed. Will provide loom video link tommorow

One thing you might like to do is manually copy the URL that exists in the URL column to clipboard. Send that to your mobile device using email or WhatsApp. Then copy paste that into Safari and see if it opens the URL.

This will basically check to see if your Safari browser is capable of opening the URL.

The problem is iOS+Safari blocks the open link without the dialogue box to ‘Allow’… at least on other browsers you get the dialogue box to Allow.

This has been a bug for a while… or a browser issue… depending on your view of the topic


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