Export to CSV doesn't work

Hi, Gliders!

I’m Edu and I have next issue:

I have created an action that exports the users to a CSV file. It then creates a new row in the CIJ_Exports table with the URL of the export and sends an email with that URL so that it can be downloaded.

The problem is that if I run the action at design time, everything goes ok, but if at run time I click the button that launches the action, nothing happens.

I attach the link to the video in loom where I recreate the problem:


I would try adding a Wait action to you custom action. You need to allow time for the file to generate before executing the rest if the actions.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager but no matter the time than I wait, nothing happens. It’s like if “Generate CSV” never ended. It never go to next step…

There’s a couple fixes that are coming out that may fix this. Should land by tomorrow.


Thanks @Jeremy. I’ll try tomorrow… :+1:

Give it another shot, just released.


Thank you so much, @Jeremy. Now it’s work perfectly! :muscle:

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