How do I do this?

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So I want show this Facebook page Posts only. How do I do this? Is this possible with Glide?
I pasted the URL of the Posts section but it’s showing a error.

Here’s the facebook page URL.

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Does anyone know how to do this?

I want like this :blush:


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I’m curious to know what would be the point of showing a Facebook page in Glide?

For this you will need to upgrade to the Pro version which unlocks access to the Web View component.

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I’m creating this app for another one. So he said me to add this.

So I’m not in a paid plan and I added the web view and it has been added and I pasted the URL of that facebook page posts section

And showing this message.


not allow to be embedded

Is that I don’t have paid plan?

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Not sure as I don’t have any use for web view right now but I do know that it’s a Pro only feature so yeah, maybe that’s the issue?

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Ok Thanks for your reply @garrison :+1:

Any other suggestions?

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Sorry no. I just don’t understand the need to embed a Facebook page or post.

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No I want to add that Facebook page all posts. Anyway thanks for your reply @garrison :+1:

Any one ? Any suggestions? :innocent:

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If Facebook doesn’t allow itself to be embedded in other websites, then it will give you that error and it’s not going to work. They don’t allow it as it’s a security risk. Many sites don’t allow you to embed in other sites. It has nothing to do with being on a pro plan or not.


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I haven’t tried it, but perhaps you could use the Experimental Code column with Facebooks Graph API?

:arrow_right: Feed - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

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Thanks @Stacey :innocent:
I have checked this :smiley:

But how can I add this to my Glide App?

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:thinking: maybe after fetch, I’d then use the json transformation code in other Experimental Code column(s), then referencing each item (date, post content, image etc) in an inline list. I’m not sure if the post’s image is returned as a URL, though?

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If I’m not wrong, first thing first, one must have admin access to a Facebook page in order to fetch. Also, calling it too many times in a short timespan may lead to problems, so I would not recommend this.


Thanks ThinhDinh for telling me this :blush: :+1: