How do I automatically name the sku in a increases


How can I increase my sku I’d automatically

SKU1001 as first I’d,.

SKU I’d should not be entered,it automatically increase or decrease based on users activity like edit, delete n add.

Now if a user login add a new product it should,


If a user deletes SKU1003,SKU1004 should become SKU1003.

Or i expect any solution for this.


But here Im creating a marketplace,so the business owners allowed to enter their each business owners will add,edit, delete product of their own.

How can I ask the business owners to enter the skuid correctly.

So i don’t need an skuid here,but i need some fake id in the name of skuid to maintain the total no of products in the app.

I gave an example before,if i have,1,2,3 as skuid,if some business owners say their products created in the I’d no “2” 3 will have to become 2.i just change the no only,not other details of the product.

Use the option in my second video. You just need a couple of extra columns.

  • A math column to add 1 to the Row Index (assuming that you want to start at one, not zero)
  • An (optional) if-then-else column to determine if zero-padding is required:
    – If RowNumber is less than 10, then 000
    – If RowNumber is less than 100, then 00
    – If RowNumber is less than 1000, then 0
  • A template column to build your SKU number, using the previous two columns.

The above assumes that your SKU’s should always be unique.

It’s looks fine,i will try n check and see I’m okay with it.
Thanks Darren