Sorry, i dont know how to tell the problems

The Problems here is, i set the automatic number everytime a user input/add items, but when multiple user input, it keeps run away the number, like its sometime already on number 320
but the it continues to 24, 64, 57, and sometimes it leaves blank.

i assume that maybe the cache to multiple user still intach to the last number they access
how do i solve it ?

I assume you’re doing a sequential numbers flow?

Can you attach some screenshots or a video on how you’re setting that up?

yep a sequential numbers flow.
and multiple user could add the items
was following the method from mr.Darren

work when i was the only one to input
but when go live with multiple user input, it goes random


So is it a sequence for the whole table, or do you have parts that you want to sequence “locally”? Say item 1 will have its own sequence, item 2 will have its own as well?