How can I sequence database updates?

See screenshot. I have a button action that needs to:

First, create a new Item
Second, create a new Post that associates the current User with the new item

Occasionally, the post and item are both created (desired), but the post is missing the itemID (problem) — so I have a post that doesn’t reference an item.

I’m guessing it’s a timing issue. Is there a way to ensure that the Add Row to Items step always completes before the Add Row to Posts step starts?

Hope I’m explaining that correctly.

And no, there is no way to guarantee that.

The usual way to approach this is to set a Unique Identifier in a User Specific Column somewhere prior to the action sequence, and then use this value as a common ID for both Add Row actions.


where is this item ID coming from? if is missing, probably is not in the source

The ItemID for the Add Post step comes from the prior Add Item step.

The problem appears to be timing.

Both steps always execute.

But I need a way to ensure that Add Item always completes before Add Post starts.

Try to put in the middle Go Back! since it is a function to change screen, may give you the necessary time lapse.

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Thanks, yes that’s an idea. In other platforms (Bubble) you could introduce a delay of n seconds into any workflow. Helpful for situations like this.

It would be nice to have a wait condition (wait 30 seconds, wait 1 minute, wait 1 day…).


Even nice would be a Wait for Prior Step to Complete condition. That would work 100% of the time.

Until then, I’ll try Darren’s solution using a pre-set UID shared by both Add Item steps.


I’m 100% up for this.

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please, let me know if this worked out!